Just like Felicitatis Comedia will eventually do, Sony has set up a Foundation where they deliver happiness too.

Delivering happiness to both parents and kids is something absolutely priceless.

Sony has been organizing summer camps for mentally and physically handicapped children.

And this is the time when parents can enjoy some precious time to themselves.

Needless to say that  those children are very well looked after by a team of youth workers who cater for each and every of their needs.


This latest Sony device offers excellent sound quality and allows drag-and-drop file management.

Also, its physical controls enable in-pocket operation possibilities.


The Mitsubishi Foundation caters for a hard working  team of athletes who are preparing for any fore coming Olympic Games in the future.

Rowing is their job. Rowing fast, rowing well, using the water current as an allied force, it’s a team effort and not an individual one. We wish them the very best of luck and let us hope that Neptunus, who inhabits all the waters will give them a hand.



Mitsubishi Motors has been working for a long time on technologies to control valve timing t with the aim of achieving high power output and low fuel consumption together with low exhaust emissions.  This technology is known as MIVEC.


The Toshiba Foundation caters for the fore coming Paralympic Games in Japan 2020.

Sport for athletes with impairment has existed for more than a century and if we examine our recent history, we will discover that the first sport clubs for the deaf were founded in 1888 in Berlin.

Officially speaking, the first Paralympic Games were held in Rome (Italy) in 1960.

Toshiba’s interest is not only giving support to those athletes who for obvious reasons require more help than others, but also making sure that Japan provides an image of unity and hospitality to the world.


Toshiba’s projects

The designers and engineers who work in a large Japanese company like Toshiba are involved in a great variety of technological projects, such as home appliance design.

Generally speaking, the purpose of their projects is to break down invisible barriers in their minds and expand their vision and creativity, thus enabling our designers to devise highly original, useful and stylish designs.


Say Yes is a unique college educational project designed by Philips. The Philips Foundation wants to help students all over the world with a tuition grant, so hard working students will be able to attend University and obtain their degree.

Tuition fees should not be a problem for those youngsters who show a predisposition to better themselves.

The generation we are talking about has never heard the old commercial which said “PHILIPS. SIMPLY YEARS AHEAD”.

Perhaps they can apply this commercial spot to their own education scheme, don’t you think so?

stands for light emitting diode.

And Philips, as usual, is here to tell us all about it.

LED represents the latest technology in energy efficient lighting.

An ordinary household which is fully equipped with LED light bulbs could actually reduce their carbon footprint by up to one third.


The Vodafone Foundation initiates projects which use mobile technology to benefit vulnerable people.

The Foundation uses mobile technology to support good causes. They often work in collaboration with NGOS, especially on a local basis so they can provide a better service to the community.


Vodafone is now offering to its customers the very latest in end to end technology.

Is this for me? You may wonder.

Well, yes it is. It connects machines to other machines without the man’s intervention. It saves you time and money. You and your business gain in efficiency all the time. Did you know that end to end technology can helps you know whether a machine is going to break down fairly soon?

Watch this video and find out all the possibilities that end to end technology offers you.

North Korea and South Korea have been living apart for many years.

We all know how different their policies are, leave alone their reciprocal relationship and the way they relate to the rest of the world.

The Samsung Foundation has made a dream possible: a unique automatic  translator which translates North Korean to South Korean and viceversa.

Perhaps technology will make the reunification process happen a little sooner.

Let us keep our fingers crossed and hope that Samsung brings along further magical solutions.


Samsung has made and is still making possible what yesterday seemed unimaginable.

We know what makes you sparkle with joy.

Technology aspires to perfection. Samsung’s technology will strive to make you happier, more efficient and protagonist of a better world.

The Novartis Foundation

The Foundation has been pioneering state of the arts research on two main diseases which are still prevalent in many pars of the world, that is leprosy and hypertension.

The Foundation collaborates with many partners worldwide and is always on the lookout for any other health issues that might arise.


but adequate founding.

In the end, the results might be amazing. But when we fail, we have to start all over again and hope that this time we hit on the nail.

Only the experience of a highly motivated scientific team, patience the prestige of a pharmaceutical company will guarantee the results that doctors and patients are looking for.

The Yamaha Foundation

Yamaha has always been known for their musical  instruments and their approach to music teaching.

There is no international piano festival in which a Yamaha traditional piano is not present.

It is no surprise, therefore, that their Foundation has devoted its efforts to the teaching of music among the very young.



Yamaha brings in a new dimension into motorcycle riding. This is no children’s game. Yamaha’s extensive experience into motorcycle engineering a t its best!

Efficient combustion, comfort and safety.

All you have to do is ride it. And who knows, you might be the next world champion!

The Alstom Foundation

Alstom is a global concern and it has long been involved in contributing to a constant improvement in the quality of life in the communities that they work for.

It represents the very expression of that involvement. Since 2007, it has lead humanitarian causes always with the invaluable collaboration of its employees.

Their interest is focused in several areas:

  • Economic development
  • Environmental education
  • Social support
  • Nature preservation

High speed train

No, it is not a toy.  A breathtaking unbelievable high speed only made possible at Alston’s workshops by using cutting edge technology.

Passenger safety and comfort are a number one priority for Alston.

Absolutely precise signalling and highly secure track construction and layout will accompany this train on every step of the way.

The Nestlé Foundation

Nestlé’s Foundation has been in existence for the last 50 years. It seems like yesterday, doesn’t it?

Back in 1966, when the Foundation was created, the world was quite different, probably not better than now.

Water scarcity was not a concern in those days. But it is now: water is a finite resource and the Foundation is trying to raise public awareness on this issue.

Who hasn’t got five minutes for a Kit Kat and a cup of coffee?

Over 5.000.000 kit Kat bars plus other confectionery are being made on this Nestlé’s plant every day.

The milk is collected not far from the factory itself.

As you will be able to appreciate, the whole process is highly sustainable.